Print Products


Our comprehensive range of print products includes



Custom made Christmas Cards

Our in-house design studio has the creative talent to make this year’s company Christmas Card a unique and memorable one. Perhaps it’s a pop up card or even a box! We can co-ordinate the design with your corporate branding and help you make a lasting impression.

Charity Christmas Cards

Foil cards from $1.49* per card.

On a budget but still want to make a boutique statement? 40c per card goes to the charity listed.

  • 21 kinds
  • Premium cards with foil finish
  • Envelopes included
  • Insert your special message
  • Include your logo


Readymade Digital Knifelines

Create great marketing pieces with our premade, prescored digital knifelines.

Perfect for:

  • Promotional items
  • Short run jobs
  • Events items
  • Trade show pieces


Create lasting impact by integrating customer letters with cards, magnets or labels.

Perfect for:

  • Membership/loyalty programs
  • Service contacts
  • Vehicle registration labels/parking permits
  • Warranty information
  • Emergency contacts


Major Australian brands use SmartProducts in their campaigns.

What are SmartProducts? Read more »

Earth Graphics - Premium floor decals
Designed for long term use indoors or outdoors. Display your advertising, special events, safety notices, parking and directional signage - with eye catching clarity on a broad range of surfaces.

  • Carparks
  • Footpaths, Stairs
  • In-Store, Shopping Centres
  • Offices, Warehouse
  • Stadiums, Airports, Cinemas




Flexi Tack - A removable laminate that sticks to almost any surface

Flexi Tack can be used to display sales contact numbers on a small piece of laminate, for integration into direct mail pieces. Or it can be larger, for display of information/promotions on office walls and POS. Flexi Tack offers excellent versatility and can be positioned on glass walls and windows, plaster, wood and stainless steel. A smart, clean presentation, without the need for pins or tape.

  • Direct mail promotions
  • POS displays
  • Notices/information
  • For Healthcare, Banking, Utilities, Insurance, Government, Retail



Pouches for transport of biomedical itemsA single pouch solution that ensures ease of packaging and safe handling of biomedical, clinical and pharmaceutical specimens. The identification barcodes are peeled away and placed directly on vials, while a document pouch facilitates the tracking of samples. Path-O-Pak can be branded to your requirements.

Medical Director Pathology Request Forms/Labels

When ordering a pathology test, the clinician prints directly onto the pathologist's stationery. The patient's details are printed directly onto labels embedded in the form, which the pathologist attaches to the specimen. Forms can be branded to your requirements.

Scraping Pouch
Scraping Pouch for testing of skin, nail or hair samplesThe doctor enters patient details on the pouch, and scrapes a skin, hair or nail sample onto the reverse side (this area is black is so that the samples can be easily seen by the testing pathologist). The doctor closes the pouch by folding the bottom and side flaps, and peels off the double sided tape to securely seal the kit. The pouch is then sent for analysis.

Medical Records Clip

Similar to a lever arch file mechanism, pages are held in place while a ‘U bar’ allows pages to be removed or added easily.

Hospital labels

Print Media Group provides a range of hospital labels that comply with federal government guidelines (Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Health Care National Recommendations): 'User-applied labels for Injectable Medicines, Fluids and Lines'.

Patient labels, patient dividers, patient folders



We have an extensive range of signage and POS materials for any marketing need. Contact us for product recommendations to suit your budget, without compromising quality. We can also arrange installation.

  • Large format signs
  • Backlight posters
  • Floor decals
  • Pull up banner stands
  • A-Frames
  • Acrylic showroom displays
  • Bargain bins, wobblers, tent cards, shelf strips, strut cards, counter units, tri standees, leaflet holders


We supply a wide range of promotional products from leading domestic and international suppliers.




Pressure Seal one piece mailers

Pressure Seal forms eliminate the need for envelopes, which means faster processing and less cost for your business. Direct from the manufacturer, forms are produced using an adhesive which is suitable for use with your office laser printer. Combined with a desktop sealing machine, items are instantly folded, sealed and ready to post.

Pressure Seal
Desktop sealing machine

Easy to operate, capable of processing up to 2,500 documents an hour. In addition to being used as a sealer, the machine can also be used for folding general office stationery such as statements and invoices.
Two models available:
PS10 Pressure Seal Machine
PS35 Pressure Seal Machine

Consignment Notes

Envicon, an all-in-one consignment note, brings efficiency to despatch departments by reducing errors and saving time in back-room operations. Envicon can be designed to include forms, letters, messages, return stickers and address labels in one sheet. Simple to process, the details are keyed in and the forms run through an office laser printer in a single pass.


Small rolls: ATM rolls, EFTPOS rolls, POS thermal rolls

Specialising in rolls with colour advertising, we produce thermal and bond rolls in numerous sizes to suit almost any equipment. We can print rolls up to six colours using offset print and ultra violet inks to protect equipment warranties.


Available in rolls, sheets or formecut, printed in PMS or 4 colour process on a wide variety of stocks.

  • PIN mailers
  • Cheques
  • Payroll envelopes
  • Scratchies