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Services provided: Print – Australian Census

In 2009, Print Media Group was awarded the task of printing Australia's most prestigious and largest printing project, the 2011 Australian Census. Having originally won the tender in 2006, we're very proud to be entrusted again by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to print the two document categories that are critical to the entire project: the Collection Forms and the Collectors' Record Books. The contract was completed on time and fully to specifications by early 2011.

The Census is the largest post-war logistical movement of material in Australia, distributed to every household in the country and as far afield as Antarctic bases. Conducted every five years, it highlights changes in Australian society and influences essential decisions, such as planning for housing, roads, schools and hospitals.


Services provided: Design, print, fulfilment, inventory control and distribution of Australian Passport Application Forms throughout Australia

Print Media Group has held this contract since 2007. These forms are time-critical and complex, requiring up to seven parts to be printed, collated and glued, each with a sequential and unique form number. The Application Forms contain a number of special characteristics including labelled adhesive panels for attaching passport photos, and barcode labelling. The highest print quality is required in order to ensure optimum performance through intelligent character recognition systems.


Services provided: Print, procurement, fulfilment, warehousing and logistics

Our services to the ANZ include the supply of all business stationery, in addition to procurement, fulfilment and distribution of merchant products to their national merchant network.

Print Media Group has been the exclusive supplier of ANZ business stationery since 1995. A brand change for the Bank presented an excellent opportunity to offer our online platform as a solution to streamline their ordering process – and more than 8,000 ANZ staff now have access to customised online ordering. We also supply bank statement reels, and print and distribute bank statements throughout Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales (approx 85 million forms per annum).

The ANZ Merchant Services contract includes the production and procurement of all printed product, imprinters, promotional and other products necessary for merchant operation. The contract has been reviewed to tender and awarded to Print Media Group repeatedly over the last two decades, due to our competitive and market leading solution. Goods are sourced or manufactured based on set replenishment guidelines, and held in our secure warehouse in pick & pack bins for individual packing into kits. Alternately, the goods are held in our bulk store for distribution as required. Merchant stationery is ordered online by merchants using our online facility, which is accessible via the ANZ website and is custom designed to ANZ's website and branding. Stationery is ordered online by merchants through www.anz.com.au, picked and packed, and shipped to more than 100,000 locations in Australia and the Pacific Rim. We provide a suite of invoices and reports each month, including billing statements for printed items, and a monthly report notifying ANZ of deliveries received by merchants. Each part of the process is transparent, traceable and measurable, and Print Media Group continues to succeed in meeting ANZ's Key Performance Indicators.


Services provided: Printing of membership mailers/welcome packs

Print Media Group has supplied membership mailers to AFL Club, the Brisbane Lions, since 2010. These mailers create lasting impact, by integrating a personalised letter, a fixture magnet and a discount card into a single sheet.

We have a long history in the delivery of similar products incorporating membership cards to sporting clubs and other lifestyle organisations. At the same time we provide a full range of services related to the delivery of communications pieces, including production, warehousing and mailing services. See also Specialty Products.


Services provided: Management of print requirements - including print, fulfilment, warehousing and delivery

Print Media Group has been awarded the contract to supply Mercedes-Benz’ print requirements, together with warehousing and delivery to multiple locations. The print contract includes the supply of marketing, operational and internal training items, including colour brochures, corporate stationery and vehicle labels.

Maintaining brand consistency and quality for this premium automotive brand are hallmarks of such a relationship. Print Media Group is refining and managing the print procurement process on an ongoing basis for Mercedes-Benz. This is achieved through consultation with designers, agencies and product managers to identify the optimal mix of base stocks, group runs, templates and digital processes in order to gain efficiencies while maintaining reliability in the delivery of the company’s extensive print requirements.