Multi-Channel Communications


Navigating the digital revolution ... to deliver a great customer experience

KEEPING UP with an expanding array of communication possibilities in the 21st Century is a challenge, especially when looking to optimise customer reach while keeping costs at bay. Print Media Group, in partnership with leading mailhouses and brand promotion agencies, enhances marketing ROI by improving communication with your valued customers.

The power of personalised communication

Our solution delivers a great customer experience, which is essential when looking to grow a competitive edge. This starts by knowing who your customers are, their needs and preferences. We then present the best recommendations to them based on their history with your brand across multiple touch points - giving customers their own personalised, highly interactive experience.

Making the most of all that’s available in the market

A campaign’s success hinges on delivering personalised communication using the right mix of parallel media.

We offer a unique blend of customer contact solutions that combines our broad range of print capabilities with leading mailhouse service providers and the creative flair of our brand promotion partners, encompassing:

  • Print (digital, offset, full colour)
  • SMS messaging, email, HTML
  • Micro sites, secure digital mailbox, digital archiving

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