"We can produce just about every paper-based product manufactured."

Leo Moio, Managing Director, Print Media Group

As one of Australia’s largest manufacturers, we have the broadest range of print capabilities in the country – including digital, rotary and sheet-fed print. With an enormous range of press and finishing capabilities, we're able to select the right machine to manufacture almost any type of print work – and choose the most appropriate blends, most cost efficiently.

We have a strong commitment to maintaining our market edge with sustained, selective investment in new equipment, which enables us to offer our clients first-class market solutions. We have the facilities to produce single to full colour, one part and multipart business documents, with numerous features, and complex colour brochures, booklets and promotional material to meet any marketing or brand requirement. Digital presses capable of printing products – where every image varies – on numerous substrates including plastic, complement the comprehensive range of rotary and sheet-fed machines. Our digital capability includes a complete range of Xerox, OCE and Indigo equipment, providing optimum flexibility in digital processing. We can produce copies, manuals, and brochures with personalisation in full colour, booklets and a multitude of other business products.

Print colour management

Print Media Group has attained Process Standard Offset certification (PSO) ISO 12647-2, which verifies that our print quality complies with internationally recognised standards. This confirms our ability to offer customers consistency in colour reproduction, through auditable process control tools and measurement devices that demonstrate precision in colour reproduction and repeatability.

"Print Media Group was deemed to be the best value for money out of all of the companies. When the evaluation committee went there for a site visit, we found them to be highly organised and professional, and well set up for project-based work.”

Andrew McGovern
Manager, Census Logistics & Material,
Australian Bureau of Statistics

No risk

One of the major benefits of our solution is the absolute support that we can guarantee through our manufacturing facilities. We offer the advantage of dealing with one of the largest manufacturers in the country - the only one that operates three separately located full-scale facilities, with the ability to transfer production at any time between locations. We also run warehouse and fulfilment centres in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia. All sites operate to recognised industry standards.

We can keep the lights on ...

If there’s a problem, we can transfer production between locations at any time to produce almost any product to deal with any situation. Utilising our global print network we also have the flexibility to move work to our partners in more than 28 countries, including New Zealand.

Innovative Technology

Print Media Group puts new technologies into practice often long before anyone else is aware of them. As the Australian Associate of Standard Register in the US and eFORMA in Switzerland, we have access to the latest global product and process improvements through a network of worldwide partners who share their latest innovations. Each year we meet with people from all over the world to discuss what we do differently – ensuring the continual development of new ideas and solutions locally.