Working With You


We're known as 'the consultants who never leave'. We're incredibly informal

and pride ourselves on honest, straightforward communication.

Our relationships are built around an intimate understanding of our clients’ products and their businesses. We consider our people to be an enormous asset, with a level of expertise that’s hard to beat. This is why our contracts span 5, 10 and 20 years: because our team keeps generating value.

Considering the whole expense is what we do best - from art department to print production, handline to kit, stored, bulk shipped, sent by post or air - there are so many possibilities and few in the market have the experience to understand the implications. For example, an extra inch on a poster can be a ‘special make’, requiring a larger packaging tube at twice the freight fee.

Our greatest successes have been achieved with clients who are prepared to work in a very open relationship and don’t mind if we challenge the product or the process. If we can ask: “What are you doing that for?”, and fully understand the desired outcome, we have far greater scope to specify the most suitable product and process, and to save money

"It does make things run so much more smoothly when you enjoy working with one of your key suppliers. Could you please pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to the team. As you know, all good companies need quality staff and you seem to have them in abundance."

Dean Tainui,
Retail Operations Manager, New Zealand Lotteries